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While many realize over the counter sleeping aids are a no-no during pregnancy, many do not realize that herbal supplements can be just as bad, if not even more dangerous, to take during pregnancy.

Because herbal remedies are not regulated in the same way prescription and over-the-counter drugs are, you never really know what is in the product you are taking, even when the ingredients are listed right on the package. Many random tests have shown certain ingredients added to herbal supplements that are not listed on the package.

You will want to discuss taking any herbal supplements with your doctor. If possible, purchase the one you are thinking of taking, so your doctor and see and read the ingredients for him or herself.

Experts also suggest you stick with recognizable brand names when purchasing herbal supplements. Brand names are less likely to have hidden or undisclosed ingredients, ensuring you do not accidentily take something you shouldn’t.


  1. Jennyfer
    7:14 pm on October 5th, 2012

    It’s depends on what kind and how you feel the trboule of UTI,Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms, Bacteria in the UrethraIt is mainly caused when the bacteria from the digestive tract holds on to the opening of the urethra, this poses a problem.Through Sexual IntercourseSexual intercourse is another reason for urinary tract infection. During a sexual intercourse the bacteria present in the vaginal tract is pushed inside the urethra by the movement of the penis.Having Different Sexual PartnerHaving different sexual partners can be another reason for urinary tract infection. Waiting too long to urinate may cause this infection.Holding Back the Urge to UrinateProlonging urination causes stretches the bladder. This stretching weakens the bladder disallowing it to completely empty itself. The urine which remains in the bladder increases your chances of the infection. The symptoms and signs of bladder infection in men and children are often rather mild and so they are sometimes ignored until the condition becomes severe. It is therefore important to detect the preliminary signs of bladder infection so that the individual can receive appropriate treatment.Urinary Tract Infection CausesThere are different causes of bladder infections in men and women and so bladder infection remedies for men and women may differ.if its a generic cased due to heat, then in general drinking fresh coco water and eating the inner white layer below the coconut will reduce the severity on UTIThe first thing you should do is increase your water intake. Most individuals forget how important it is to drink water on a daily basis. On average, you should be drinking at least 10 8 ounce glasses of water daily. If it is hot outside, humid or you are doing something to cause your body to sweat you should increase the water consumption. You need to continuously replenish all of the water your body sweats out.Some of the less well known UTI natural treatment include herbal remedies. Usually, when a person thinks of curing a urinary tract infection they head straight to the store and buy some cranberry juice. However, we are going to discuss some herbs that you should consider using before you buy the cranberry juice.Couch grassGoldenrodDamianaHorsetailAgrimonyLovageDandelionMarshmallow rootAsparagusShepherd’s purseParsleyJoe-pye weedKava-kavaUsnea LichenEchinaceaOregon grapeButterburBirchGldenseal RootGarlicNettleJuniperCorn silkSpiny restharrowHorseradishBuchuGoldensealUva ursiEach of these herbs can benefit your urinary tract health drastically. Some will increase the production of urine, others will fight the bacteria and the remaining will sooth the discomfort caused by the urinary tract infection.one of the other thing u can find is Saw Palmetto For Uti In Women

  2. Chad
    2:48 am on July 4th, 2013

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  3. Karsih
    3:57 am on November 10th, 2015

    I do think that being perceived as more human (and for exapmle apologizing) would help A LOT and it would reduce legal problems (in Latvia where I live legal problems are nowhere as big as in the US anyways, but there is always this rumbling and silent discontent). The problem is that Western Doctors are educated to be as distant as possible for supposedly professional reasons (and probably to save some heart-break), this goes along with not looking at a human-being holistically, only as a patient with the particular condition, but no feelings or brain. But I am sure some patients expect that, just as you have described. And appologizing is hard even when you are not dealing with life/death situations or especially then . and when you are afraid to be sued.

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