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When we make use of plant oils to make our psychological well-being better, this is called aromatherapy. It also has a positive influence on our physical health. Aromatherapy can be very effective and uses smell as its tool. To be more definite aromatherapy employs essential oils extracted from the plants, combining them at times to achieve the required effect. Being highly concentrated, essential oils must be diluted. When aroma is inhaled, the air with essential oils is absorbed by the blood. Olfactory receptors located in the nose transmit the smell and it gets to the limbic system, which is linked with our emotions and mood. Read the rest of this entry »

Every year, animal advocates worry when a new pet themed children’s movie is released. Why? Because suddenly parents will indulge their children with their very own dalmation or Jack Russell terrier, with little regard to how suitable that pet really is to their family. Read the rest of this entry »

Even though some airlines offer children’s meals, you should never board a flight with your child without carrying the neccessities of a meal and drink of choice. You don’t want to discover that your specially requested children’s meal never got on board, and the only alternative is a roast chicken meal your hungry toddler won’t even taste. Read the rest of this entry »

If you are not lucky enough to be able to fill an entire row, hence getting both an aisle and a window seat, which seat is best for your toddler when flying? Read the rest of this entry »

If you or your partner travel on business a lot, why not turn one of those business trips into a family vacation? The employer pays for the hotel, so why not tag along and stay for free? You will only need to pay for your travel to and from the destination (although it would be free if you are travelling by car, and the employer is footing the bill for gas). Read the rest of this entry »

When travelling, whether by car or by plane, always pack a supply of medicine that you might need. There is nothing worse that having a feverish child at 2AM in a strange town, then trying to find an open store to buy Children’s Tylenol. Read the rest of this entry »

Mother-in-laws are something that usually comes are part of the package with your husband. But what can you do when you just cannot seem to get along, and everything about her just rubs you the wrong way? Try and find a common interest between the two of you. Read the rest of this entry »

When you are selecting your SPF (Sun Protection Factor) level for sunscreen, do you know exactly what the differet levels mean? If not, you are not alone.

Here is the scoop on how much of the sun’s rays each level of SPF protects you from.

SPF 4 blocks 75% of the suns rays (allowing 25% through)

SPF 8 blocks 87.5% of the suns rays (allowing 12.5% through)

SPF 15 blocks 93.3% of the suns rays (allowing 6.7% through)

SPF 30 blocks 96.7% of the suns rays (allowing 3.3% through)

SPF 50 blocks 98% of the suns rays (allowing 2% through)

If you are wanting to protect your hair from sun damage, there are several things you can do, as well as several things you should not do. Here are the best hair sun care tips. Read the rest of this entry »

We have all done it. We go without sunscreen, or forget to reapply it after swimming, or got burned on a cloudy day when you would least expect it. So you are now the owner of a sunburn rather than a tan, but what should you do to treat it? Read the rest of this entry »