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If you or your partner travel on business a lot, why not turn one of those business trips into a family vacation? The employer pays for the hotel, so why not tag along and stay for free? You will only need to pay for your travel to and from the destination (although it would be free if you are travelling by car, and the employer is footing the bill for gas).

If your partner is the one on business, you can spend the day doing activties or sightseeing with the kids, then get all together when your partner has free time, to spend quality family time together.

It is a nice change of pace, and allows you and your family to experience different cities, cultures and activities.

Check out the possible destination in advance if possible – don’t take your kids along just because it is “free”. You will still need to pay for food, and if it turns out to be a town with nothing for the kids to do, it will be a nightmare for you and the kids couped up in the hotel room all day.

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