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Even though some airlines offer children’s meals, you should never board a flight with your child without carrying the neccessities of a meal and drink of choice. You don’t want to discover that your specially requested children’s meal never got on board, and the only alternative is a roast chicken meal your hungry toddler won’t even taste.

Pack sealed snacks for your toddler – these can be easily tossed into carry-on bags, and used for later snacks should they not be needed.

Pack your child’s favorites. Even though you may not want your child to eat a particular favorite snack you believe is unhealthy, if they can be used as a keeping quiet bribe, go for it.

Pack a variety. Air travel can make a usually happy toddler react in funny ways (confined place, many strangers, etc) so he or she might not want a snack you thought of as a “sure thing”.

Pack extra water or juice. Airplanes are very dry, and your toddler could be much thirstier than usual. Never rely on the airlines to have a particular juice. And try and choose juice in plastic bottles (or put it into plastic bottles yourself) so you don’t have to worry about accidentily breaking a glass bottle.

Always pack enough extra just incase you are left stuck on the airplane during a flight delay. Many airplanes do not have enough “extras” on board to hand out snacks in the event of a delay.

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