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Every year, animal advocates worry when a new pet themed children’s movie is released. Why? Because suddenly parents will indulge their children with their very own dalmation or Jack Russell terrier, with little regard to how suitable that pet really is to their family.

Dalmations become popular everytime a 101 Dalmations movie is released or re-released on video or DVD. Suddenly, every child wants one, and parents are too quick to buy one, without doing the proper research on the pet, assuming it will be just as friendly as the one from the movie (yes, even the cartoon variety). And several months later, shelters become inundated with unwanted and abandoned dalmations, because many of them just are not suitable to be in a family with small children.

When you plan to buy a pet, whether it be a dog, cat, rodent or reptile, do your research. The internet is a wondeful tool to do a search on your favorite breed. Any parent who took the time to research would learn that dalmations are not suited to a family with small children.

Avoid buying a pet on a whim. It is a decision that should be thought out, and that all family members should participate in.

With the proper research, you should be able to select the appropriate pet for the entire family, and choose one that is best suited to your family dynamics.


  1. Eful
    2:24 pm on October 5th, 2012

    Review by J. Park for Rating: My puppies tore the foam boottm of this bed open in less than two days. The problem is that the faux sheepskin cover just covers the side and top portions of the foam core. The boottm is completely exposed and therefore turns into a chew toy for my two border collie puppies. Also, because the foam boottm is bare to the ground, it will absorb water like a sponge. I haven’t had a problem with another dog bed that I bought that is completely covered. The puppies can’t get into it and its made of a higher quality material. My recommendation is to buy a completely covered bed with a zipper that you can unzip and wash.

  2. Bryan
    3:40 am on November 10th, 2015

    Greetings. My name is Serta Pillow-top Mattress. You can call me Serta for short. I am a really close frnied of Carolyn. I see her every day and night unless she goes out of town. Shucks, I guess I am her best frnied although she bought me only about 9 months ago. Wait, do you buy your frnieds?? She is very compassionate. She naturally connects with people and establishes meaningful relationships.I came into the picture because she needed rest. She had lost her best frnied and baby sister to cancer and did not know how to grieve. She was working 65 hours a week two days after her sister’s burial while taking three graduate level courses. These 65 hours was spent working with children who were severely emotionally disturbed. She pushed herself because she didn’t want to think as a result she hit a wall-burnout. She decided to take a year off from work and school and just spend some quality time with me, lounging around, reading, watching TV and eating bon bons. The problem was she never seemed to rest. She would lie down but her mind continued to race over various thoughts.Anyways, when she has her mind set on doing something she completes the task unless it involves resting. The quality time “thingy” lasted for about five months. She decided she was bored and falling behind on her Career Path.Carolyn has an associate degree as well as a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Human Services. She is currently pursuing a M. Ed, Counseling as well as a Health Care Reimbursement certificate. She is in her second year of graduate school. She needs four classes to complete her Health Care Reimbursement certification. She also volunteers at a program that provides groups and counseling for youth substance abusers. This is in preparation for her CDC II certification.She was an active duty soldier; she is now a disable wartime veteran who serves her country for over 9 years. She deployed to several countries. Amazingly, she is the mother of eight, 5 biological children and 3 stepchildren. Two of her biological children and two of her stepchildren still resides at home. If you ask me, she need to sleep for a week-teenagers!She is back in school and she is happy and excited. Now, she rest and sleep more. I see her a lot earlier than usual. She tells me she has to get her rest so she can stay on task. She plans to be a coder and own her own private practice in the counseling arena. She is very smart and is going to do just fine. Whenever she feels like she needs a break or to shut down for a while, I will be right there in her favorite room waiting. That is what best frnieds do.

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