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If you are wanting to protect your hair from sun damage, there are several things you can do, as well as several things you should not do. Here are the best hair sun care tips.

Don’t apply sunscreen or sunscreen spray to your hair. Because hair is already dead, SPF protection won’t help your hair (but it can protect your scalp, if you tend to burn your scalp).

Before you hit the pool or the ocean, rinse your hair first with fresh water. You hair will absorb the fresh water first, allowing less chlorine or salt water to be absorbed by your hair.

If you find the sun is causing your hair to dry out, or that your color is being stripped by the sun, use a leave-in hair condition on your hair for added protection. The extra hydration will counteract the negative affects of the sun on your hair.


  1. pauline
    12:21 am on April 25th, 2009

    In preparation for summer, Aloe Vera lotions seem an essential product. Not only will Aloe Vera heal the skin, it presents a cooling alternative to heavier creams and lotions.

    Pure Aloe Treatment, from the Made from Earth skin care line, with citrus and vitamin E for preservation is the best.

    You have to keep Made from Earth Pure Aloe Treatment product in the refrigerator after opening. Which is great because then it is always cold. Because this is so natural, a little goes a long way. The consistency may vary, but the one I received looks just like freshly pressed aloe vera and this could be added to homemade beauty products you are using soon after you make them.

    The high absorption of this product is impressive and
    there is no sticky feel. You can use it as a cooling hand moisture treatment and seconds later, all you will notice is your skin plumping slightly and feeling smooth and very soft.

    100% Chemical Free. . .I love it. . the way nature and my skin wants to be…

  2. Alicia
    11:58 pm on September 2nd, 2012

    Ok, I definitely soruppt people who wear their hair natural. I tried to wear it natural but I have a lot of hair and the only way I could wear it and have it look nice is if I cut it (my beautician told me this) but I love my hair so I could never do it. Plus, it’s a lot of work since my hair is really thick and it’s long My mom wears her hair natural and it’s beautiful and looks amazing on her. But I hate when people say to wear it any other way but natural is self-hating and it’s unnatural. So are white people who bleach their hair and curl it or straighten it everyday self-hating ? Or the term only apply to girls who wear weaves or perm their hair?i meant to say, it’s, well, unnatural Isn’t it unnatural for white girls to alter the look of their hair, too?White girls wear weaves too what do you call those clip-on things? That’s not real hair.A lot of white actresses wear weaves too!WINTER BLOSSOM you are the same girl who said that you don’t like when black women wear weaves because it’s unnatural so my question for you is why do you care about how black women wear their hair?yeah sunshine same here!

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