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We have all done it. We go without sunscreen, or forget to reapply it after swimming, or got burned on a cloudy day when you would least expect it. So you are now the owner of a sunburn rather than a tan, but what should you do to treat it?

First, take aspirin every four hours to help lessen the inflamation.

To cool the skin, you can apply an aloe or menthol lotion.

New on the market are lidocaine-containing gels. It is a topical anesthetic, which can help ease the pain of a sunburn. Always patch test this gel first on an unaffected area, to be sure you do not have a skin reaction. A skin allergy to this gel, on top of the sunburn itself, is no fun.

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  1. Auth
    6:26 am on September 3rd, 2012

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