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Mother-in-laws are something that usually comes are part of the package with your husband. But what can you do when you just cannot seem to get along, and everything about her just rubs you the wrong way? Try and find a common interest between the two of you.

Why a common interest? When you share a common interest in something (whether it be the same television show, a love of cross stitching, or a favorite author) it creates a safe topic the two of you can discuss.

Safe topics can avoid that painful silence if the two of you have nothing to discuss, and they can also serve to redirect the subject if she brings up something you would rather not discuss with her.

And if you are lucky, this common interest can sometimes grow into something more, where you can actually start to develop a friendship based around the subject.

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  1. Ali
    12:11 pm on September 2nd, 2012

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