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HANUKKAH traditionally involves the giving of eight presents over the eight-day holiday celebration. Floral designer Preston Bailey makes the wrappings just as wonderful as the gifts themselves. He uses plain, unpainted wooden boxes, in various sizes and shapes. These are easy to find, and inexpensive, at crafts or art supply stores. He also uses “oasis” or floral foam, in small circles with plastic bottoms – easy to find at florists or crafts stores. Using the traditional Hanukkah colors of blue and white or silver, Preston ties the boxes with metallic blue ribbon, attaches the oasis, and puts fresh flowers on top. The result: a gift that’s as beautiful as what’s inside!

The way that a gift is wrapped can be as special as the gift itself, and here they have elevated gift wrap to an art form. In addition to supplies, the store also has a wonderful selection of books, some of which focus on gift wrap. Read the rest of this entry »