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One of the special joys of the holiday is an elegant, formal dinner for family and friends. A formal table setting takes a little extra time, but is well worth the trouble, as it creates a stunning backdrop for a memorable, special meal. Here are special tips for a formal table setting, with style.

The Formal Table – The one unbreakable rule for a formal table is that everything must be geometrically spaced – the centerpiece in the actual center, the place settings at equal distances, and all utensils balanced. Beyond this one rule, you can vary your arrangement and decorations to a wide degree.

Place Cards – Decorated cards are suitable for the Christmas table. Place cards are about 3/4 of an inch high (after folding) by 2-1/2 inches long.

Dinner Plates – Dinner plates should sit about one inch from the edge of the table. In a formal setting, the salad or soup plate rests in the center of the dinner plate.

Silverware – Silverware is placed in the setting in the order in which it will be used, working from the outside in. The fork for the first course will be farthest to the left. The knife for the first course farthest to the right. Spoons will be placed to the right side of the plate with the knives, working inward in order of use. Dessert silverware is places horizontally above the plate or is brought in just before dessert is served.

Glassware – The water goblet goes directly above the knife’s tip. Wineglasses stand to the lower right of the water glass. Champagne flutes go behind the water and wineglasses.

Additionally – The bread and butter plate is placed to the upper left of the dinner plate. The butter spreader sits horizontally across the bread and butter plate.

Dessert – Dessert place settings are arranged after the main course is over.

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