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BATH SALTS are wonderfully fragrant, but they also help detoxify the skin, as the minerals in the salts have a drawing out effect. Since bath salts can be slightly drying, use a good moisturizer after the bath. To use, add about 3 heaping tablespoons to warm bathwater when filling the tub.

1 cup coarse sea salt
Food coloring (optional)
15 drops essential oil (Lavender is recommended)

Combine the sea salt and 3 to 5 drops of food coloring if desired. Add the Lavender essential oil, and mix. Store in a tightly sealed glass container.

NOTE: use a glass mixing bowl and stainless steel mixing spoon. Do not use any equipment with copper, aluminum, cast-iron, or Teflon finishes.


  1. Lou
    10:21 pm on September 2nd, 2012

    I don’t know a lot about the drug but I do know that it is addicting. I know some ppholeweo have stayed away for a week straight, they barely eat and you can definitely see the change in there weight. Another side effect would be bumps. Little bump randomly appear after a few uses. Some peoples itch others look like acne while others feel they r like bug bites . . Seeing effects like this in my friends just after a few days of them using it really worries me. No one knows how this drug will effect us later down the road and the fact that u can even see some physical effects while it’s being used is scary. . The real upsetting thing is the majority of people iv heard about partaking in this drug are on probation and are doing it because they can’t smoke there natural weed. . Even when you bring up the harder drugs like cocaine; that is not an everyday drug for alot of ppl because of pricing and availability. Amp is just a cheaper more available upper u can’t get put in jail for failing a piss test with yet. . I don’t want it in stores for the fact that I’m scared for my friends, there families and kids, and the next generation to come. Who knows what it could do to them

  2. Sibusiso
    3:56 am on November 10th, 2015

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